Why You’re Bound to Fail As a Writer

Fear is your worst enemy, but that not all…

Okay, let’s face it; you have probably met tons of content on how to succeed as a writer.

By just searching online, you can find over a thousand ways to succeed as a writer.

So, you’d probably think that it’s that easy and all you have to do to make it as a writer is follow the laid-out steps.

But have you met an article online that someone confessed to how they failed to make it as a writer?

Probably not. Why?

They failed, right? They moved on to other things because they couldn’t write. How did you expect that piece to be written?

See, most people like to talk about their successes than failures… it comes naturally.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage for someone to talk about your failures.

When I first started writing, I failed…

It had nothing to do with passion or lack of it. I quickly found out that it takes more than passion to succeed as a writer.

Here’s why I failed.


I am talking about thinking about when you will actually write something.

How many times has it happened and you don’t write anything for an hour, then the hour turns into a day, the day turns into a month and the month turns to…you get the point?

Procrastination is a sure-fire way to fail as a writer as writing requires you to get down to writing.

If you keep putting it off you’re bound to forget the great ideas you had.

Nothing good can ever come out of simply thinking about it, open that page, and start piecing your ideas together.

Fear Starting

Fear will paralyze your writing career. And not just writing but anything else.

The best answer for how to overcome fear as a writer is starting.

What’s the worst that can happen to your work after you submit it? A rejection with or without corrections.

So, what’s the fuss of fear all about?

I was where you are at this point. But, it will never get better if you don’t kick out the fear and start writing.


The point where you feel like your quality just won’t cut it.

Big mistake!!

I used to be you, I couldn’t even have my name on any of my pieces.

It wasn’t good enough — to me.

Big thanks to my mentor Walter Akolo, I now comfortably have my name on a number of articles online.

That copy that you have hidden in some file on your laptop, publish it today.

Not Absorbing Quality Material

You are insecure about the quality of your writing, right?

Now, what are you doing to improve the quality of your writing?

There’s no simple way if you are ever to improve your writing. You have to absorb quality material.

You’ll start to see how the best writers use their words and what they avoid. Try incorporating the necessary changes in your writing.

You’ll need to read a lot and practice what you absorb.

You can also get an editor to help you.

I was lucky enough to train under Walter Akolo. His freelance writing course included editing two articles as a bonus.

The editors walked with me through the pieces and my writing has never been the same again.

Thinking of Quitting

Are you thinking of quitting?

Here’s the deal, you will encounter a number of challenges. And how you react to them determines how you turn out.

Remember this,

“Challenges are just there to test your resolve, not to make you quit.”

Not to talk about getting conned. The internet has a number of unscrupulous people and as a writer — especially for hire — you’ll meet the worst of them.

These challenges are there to help your learning curve. So, never quit despite the urge you have today to down your tools.

Not Prioritizing Writing


If you’re to succeed, you need to prioritize it.

If you don’t prioritize writing you are well on the path to failure, I won’t mince words here.

You need to give your writing career the attention it needs. Don’t you dare half-ass it.

Take your time to learn, practice your craft, network. It’s not just about the writing part of it.

It goes all the way to getting a mentor to hold your hand through some key arrears. Having someone to hold you responsible and being disciplined.

You will never see the need to improve if it isn’t a priority to you.

Every other thing is useless unless you start prioritizing writing from this minute.

Bottom Line…

What you do about the information you get here is up to you, but it would be my joy if you put it into action.

Is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. He’d like to see your writing career grow. When he’s not engaged in writing, he likes to watch football and series.