8 Simple Ways To Change Your cycle

For many women, reasons for wanting their period to come early may vary.

At least, for every woman, there is one genuine reason as to wanting her period to come faster.

Whatever the reason may be, irregular periods can quite interfere with some of your prior plans.

How to make the period come faster and safely has been a big question to several women over the years.

You can try some well-known home remedies to induce your delayed periods or go professionally and consult with a doctor.

Use Birth Control Pills

This may be the most commonly used way of inducing periods and it’s one that most doctors may advise you to use. This method, though, carries with it quite many effects.

Like any other medication, you will likely experience some side effects when you use birth control pills to induce your period.

This method is the most liked as it allows you to start predicting accurately the date when your next period would start. Also, you can induce your period at your own convenience.

You can easily do that by breaking from taking the pill. By taking a break from the pill, it allows the period to come early.

When looking to induce your period by using birth control pills, first, a trip to the doctor is very crucial.

This is so the doctor can help you decide which pill is right for you to use.

Like all other drugs, using birth control pills to induce a period can have some negative and positive side effects.

The drugs can cause fat disposition as part of the negative side effects. On the positive side, the pills may help in hair growth.


Who would have guessed it, right? Yes, sex is like the safest and the oldest way of inducing a late period.

When you have sexual intercourse, the blood flow to the vagina increases immensely and hence, the vagina is stimulated to contract during intercourse which triggers the uterine lining to shed.

Sex can also be beneficial in other ways as well. Like; it can be a great stress reliever.

Also, the hormones contained in the semen help soften the cervix thus stimulate uterine contractions.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is quite a useful component for human beings. This is because it helps produce estrogen in your body.

Estrogen for women can build the uterine lining making the uterus contract thus causing menstrual period.

Vitamin C can be gotten in high doses in several supplements. The amount to use for inducing your period is 3000mg for three continuous days.

Also, the vitamin can be found in some natural sources like; orange, lemon, and parsley.

Before using this method, you’re advised to be very cautious and make sure you aren’t pregnant.

For a pregnant person, taking high doses of vitamin C can result in a miscarriage.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is known for its remedial functions when dealing with a cold.

Ginger tea, however, can also be used to make your period come faster. The amount that is used to induce a period is two cups or even more of strong ginger tea.

This is to be taken on the expected day of the period or even after the due date.

The menstrual bleeding can be expected days after you’ve consumed the ginger tea. Ginger may also cause restlessness for some women


Well, exercising is good for any person for various reasons.

Regular exercise can make you live your life to the fullest.

As a woman, however, exercise can be a good way to induce your period.

Some studies claim that women who exercise regularly have much lower estradiol levels.

Estradiol is a sex hormone that helps keep your body from ovulating, therefore maintaining a much regular menstrual cycle.

Stress Management

Stress may affect your normal menstrual cycle.

Stress can even make your period have much pain accompanying it.

The changes in the menstrual cycle as a result of stress may include, delay of the period or overall change in the duration of the period.

The hormones released as a result of stress; adrenaline and cortisol prevent the release of the fertility hormones.

Managing stress will help you have a consistent menstrual cycle. There are many different ways of managing stress, they include working out or taking walks daily among others.

Healthy weight

You may laugh at the sound of it but there looks to be no end to the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.

Skinny females don’t have enough estrogen levels in their bodies to support their menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, women who have a lot of fat cells have too much estrogen circulating, which also can’t allow them to have a normal cycle.

Both too little and too much estrogen is not good for you to get normal menstrual regularities.

Watch your weight and keep track of your BMI as often as possible.


Pineapple is one fruit that you can add to any form of diet that you may be having.

Also, by eating pineapple, you can be assured to get your period as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to get your period early, it is advised to include pineapple as part of your diet.

You can also add honey to the pineapple if the taste of it is a bit sour for your liking.


The reason for delayed periods may vary from time to time and ways to induce period are also there.

If you’re looking to induce your period for whatever reason, be it you want to go on a vacation or just because the period is late.

One thing is quite clear; you need to choose the right and safe way for your own body.

This is usually by the help of a professional or else, you may end up with complications that you didn’t bargain for.