Spoiler! Horses only nap while standing…

Do horses sleep while standing up? This is one of those pesky trick questions that’s hard to answer. But do they, horses, sleep while standing up, and why do they do it?

Horses, as opposed to popular belief, don’t sleep while standing. They only take naps while standing up. And some physical factors enable them to do that.

To keep with the topic, here are some of the reasons why horses sleep while standing up. But remember, these are only naps; full sleep of around 3 hours doesn’t happen when the horse stands.


It’s shocking when you see a cat chowing down on the wheatgrass. Cats aren’t known vegetarians which make it a mystery seeing them eating grass.

The sight is like seeing a lion munching on grass. It isn’t an everyday occurrence.

Which begs the question, why do cats eat grass, and why do they seem to enjoy wheatgrass? Are there some nutritional values they get when they eat greens?

The whole scenario of cats and why they eat grass can be confusing. This article looks to break down why cats eat wheatgrass and how it benefits them.

Wheatgrass has some relation…

Getting an apartment can be a challenge if you don’t shore up your credit.

There is not much you can do today without having a solid credit rating. Even getting an apartment to rent can be a challenge if you don’t have decent credit.

It is why most people put significant effort into building their credit. But some factors can harm your credit, with most being of your own doing.

The good news, yet, is that these drops in your credit score are usually temporary. Below, you can find some of the ways you may be hurting your credit. …

Cherries, both sweet and sour, are a favorite fruit for most people across the globe. It’s in the blend of the inside texture that seems to get people hooked on. And yes, you can serve cherries to your guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are herbivores and have enzymes that break down veggies and fruits. Cherries have several minerals that can be good for your cavy’s general health.

Cherries are rich in Vitamin C, which guinea pig bodies’ can’t produce, and they can get them from eating cherries. …

Content comes up almost every minute on the internet, and most of it being written. It means there’s a lot to compete with when writing articles for the internet. That’s if you’d like your piece to get in front of the right audience.

What sets good articles apart from the rest is well dug-out content and a good writing technique. That’s even though there are countless styles of writing out there today. So, how do you break it down and write a good article?

When you sit down to write, you need to eliminate social media, your phone, and all…

Fear is your worst enemy, but that not all…

Okay, let’s face it; you have probably met tons of content on how to succeed as a writer.

By just searching online, you can find over a thousand ways to succeed as a writer.

So, you’d probably think that it’s that easy and all you have to do to make it as a writer is follow the laid-out steps.

But have you met an article online that someone confessed to how they failed to make it as a writer?

Probably not. Why?

They failed, right? They moved on to other things…

For many women, reasons for wanting their period to come early may vary.

At least, for every woman, there is one genuine reason as to wanting her period to come faster.

Whatever the reason may be, irregular periods can quite interfere with some of your prior plans.

How to make the period come faster and safely has been a big question to several women over the years.

You can try some well-known home remedies to induce your delayed periods or go professionally and consult with a doctor.

Use Birth Control Pills

This may be the most commonly used way of…

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Is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. He’d like to see your writing career grow. When he’s not engaged in writing, he likes to watch football and series.

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